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Payouts from220,000BONK via the SOL chain.
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To get started, simply choose a cryptocurrency you want to start mining, set up your URL/User and run the process, your computer or rig will start mining, sit back and wait for your rewards!You can mine more than one coin. Check the list here.Enjoy!
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BONK Mining Pool Information

Algorithm: DynexSolve

DNX based

Compatible with the DynexSolve algorithm

Available for mining via Graphic Card

Minimum VRAM requirement: 6GB

Average time between rewards: - minutes

Last reward: -

Mining Fee: 1%

Compatible payout networks can be switched at any time.

How to Start Mining BONK

1. You will need a wallet to store your BONK! We recommend exchanges Binance, KuCoin or Gate.IO. For mobile Metamask

2. Download a miner which you want to use. We recommend using OneZeroMiner, available at github.com

3. Setup your mining url:

Global server


Supported ports: 13333, 4444

Then configure your mining app. In the user field set your coin, address & worker name:


Example command line for OneZeroMiner:

onezerominer.exe -a dynex -o stratum+tcp://dynexsolve.bominers.com:3333 -w BONK:Address.Worker -p x
Download OneZeroMiner

And that's it! Sit back and wait for your rewards!

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You can check your pending balance and stats on your dashboard

Payouts are available once per day if your pending balance is above the payment threshold (*)

(*) No fee is charged for automatic payouts